Mercedes Actros MP3 Manvesta V3


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Fixed cars position,
Added new flarepack,
Fixed psysichs,
More hood – accessories,
New sounds,
Fixed FPS drop.

– Gytis – Robertas14 – Rimuus – RockweLL – Da Do – Beniel – David – Shery0 – UzoCan16 – MechanikLT – PsysichsmodPro


4 Responses to Mercedes Actros MP3 Manvesta V3

  1. KruGan says:

    —>PLS dont download crashes randomly…..modders pls upload a file with a fix or update it with no bugs…mod suckssss…… crashed 5 times… : [

  2. Jay-Non says:

    Mod crashes all the time. majestic interior. don’t download

  3. Cesario says:

    thx good working ;D

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