Mercedes Actros MP3 Multimod v1.7.0


– Wheel Pack
– Interior
– Addons
– and and and

z3dJustin, TC, Ventyres, 50keda


4 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP3 Multimod v1.7.0

  1. Remove the Wheel Pack of this Mod it’s roadhunters and mine Mod.

    Wheelpack download only from this Side.

  2. #### why someone dont add second fuel tank its the biggest problem in this model

  3. scaniadriver

    Wirkung with 1.7 or also only red lines in the log?

  4. please somebody help me with the mercedes actros 3340-s, 6×4 truck head for my ets2. This model of the truck is most common in kenya but i have tried to get it on the internet without any succeess. this truck is mostly on sale at PK Trucks of holland for comparison and is raised high with a radiator guaard, roof top air horns and is double diff with cabin slim and slanting abit foward with high ground clearance with the cabin raised high.-
    I will soo appreciate. Am in the 1.5.2s mod installed. somebody help me.
    -paul, kenya.(east Africa)

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