Mercedes Actros MP3 Reworked v1.6

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Mercedes Actros MP3 Reworked v1.6
Updated version 1.6
– Fixed bugs
– Added new tuning
– The lower lights made by tuning in a separate slot
– Archive with mod added the onboard computer from piva (plug in option)
– With permission of the author made adaptation mod under Signs on your Truck

Schumi & SCS, tobago


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7 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP3 Reworked v1.6

  1. HD Video Test 1.26..

  2. PLSmarvinPLS

    i will change the skin pls ;(

  3. This mod cannot match other Mercedes Benz Actros MP3 sound mods or/and original scs sound after replaced engine, this is serious bug.

  4. Password bite ich möchte meinen eigenen skin fahren

  5. I don’t know if it is some mod or incompatibility with ETS2 1.27x
    but the spoilers looks wrong both left and right spoiler has some black lines on them no matter which skin/texture I choose I have tested onecolored texture and “art” textures (both from SCS) I’m using the Megaspace cabin.

    1. Apparently it is Promods that somehow messes with the spoilers. I don’t know how a map mod can interfer with textures on a truck. That is too bad because that means I can’t use this great mod together with promods. You can’t probably do anything about it but I just wanted to tell you this.

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