Mercedes Actros MP3 Schmitz Tandem


Authors: DADO, Nevesu, Beniel, Matlez, Rico, Gytis, Ventyres,



49 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP3 Schmitz Tandem

  1. The password for the archive which

    1. euro truck driver


  2. Password?

  3. now make MP4!!

  4. robertas14

    PEOPLE READ THIS Pass: пыдорастотктоспиздетмод

    1. Best! Thanks!

  5. pasword pleaseee

  6. Password please!

  7. Nur noch Kopfschütteln Furchtbar (10minus)

  8. password

  9. Wenn ihr nicht wollt das wir das nutzen für was ladet Ihr dann den Mist hoch ….Oh mann.

  10. A quoi ça sert de mettre un mod en téléchargement, si on ne peut même pas le déziper !….

  11. Hy is this mod now are those trailer in this type of truck standalone or what

  12. wwoowowoow zhveris robke

  13. fail .mod no pw…for us

  14. Must have passwords to open the zip folder. Otherwise it is not someone who can use the car.

  15. How many bugs now ? All of your mods have quite many bugs. It’s great, that you covert, modify and create new parts, but please, before releasing mod, make sure there isin’t any big bugs and if it is, fix them

  16. Robertas14

    Im very sorry for cause inconveniece. pass is пыдорастотктоспиздетмод . just copy this text and paste it when exctracting

    1. ♣♣♣♣OZBORN♣♣♣♣

      Password does not work my friend

      1. it works .. ##### ..

  17. either give us the password or delete this mod from the side since it’s just as useless.

    1. That password пыдорастотктоспиздетмод )))

  18. maddison@tsm

    Thread says Mercedes MP3, the download says MercedesActrosMP2Tandem .. what is ist now? A MP2 oder MP3? 😉

  19. If you dont want to give us a pasword, then I recomend to the mods to remowe this mod

  20. где пароль…….

  21. Are you blind ? He gave password ! Look at the comments…

  22. password- пыдорастотктоспиздетмод

  23. geras slaptazodis 😉

  24. verry good truck!.. bat no pass!..can use the mod!

  25. PingwinGamesPL

    PASSWORD IS пыдорастотктоспиздетмод

  26. i gnow to read!..i see this pass.. bat for me its failed,wrong password!

  27. extraction works only in the software 7zip

  28. This is mod with MP4 TANDEM + interior. NOT MP3!

  29. Man tai isvis ant 1.7.1 versijos ne MP3,o MP4+buginas priekaba:(

  30. Give the correct password for unpacking in the format pant because the ones he/she doesn’t fit and give in English rather than in some what doesn’t understand

  31. ###### mod. Doesn’t work. With a trailer the truck jumps around, and cant handle the weight behind it. Dont download!!!

    1. same here..

  32. ton mot de passe met toi le ou jpense avc ton mod si sa rentre.

  33. password works perfectly i hope the truck same

  34. give me password

  35. Geben Sie das richtige Passwort, schließlich

  36. Stefan Lageweg

    Give the corect password

  37. Password is wrong..пыдорастотктоспиздетмод anybody have oher pass ,please ?!!

  38. 1. Install 7z program
    2. extract
    3. Use password: пыдорастотктоспиздетмод
    4. play

    1. Esta vida loca


      3. issn’t correct, use at 7zip: пыдорастотктоспиздетмод )))

      it helps me!

  39. John Farmer

    this is not the truck on the picture this is a new one!!!!!

  40. The password didn’t work….tried it a hundred times….!!!!!

    1. Esta vida loca

      use at 7zip: пыдорастотктоспиздетмод )))

  41. Esta vida loca

    Fail at! I am not impressed.

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