Mercedes Actros MP4 750 HP engine for SP and MP


Here is my Mercedes Actros 2014 with the Volvo FH 16 750 HP engine and the Iveco Hiways Sound

How to Use in MP:

1.) Activate Mod in Profile
2.) Buy the truck in Singleplayer [DONT CHANGE ENGINE](If you want to keep the Badge dont change addons and something other things)
3.) Go back in Multiplayer and enjoy



16 Responses to Mercedes Actros MP4 750 HP engine for SP and MP

  1. deig says:

    is this a joke? the mod doesnt work at all, and iveco hi-way sounds horrible.
    enabled mod in SP, go to upgrade truck and absolutely nothing. highest engine 625hp.

    • Jason says:

      Then you did anything wrong πŸ˜‰ Works fine at me πŸ˜› Powerful 750 hp <3

  2. Rodri says:

    Gz maneler

  3. atalay says:

    deig, its okey/// don’t upgrade ???? ((((((

  4. BergischNRW says:

    You are the best. Thank you so much!

  5. Makis says:

    Can you give us a Stock Actros with just the engine upgrade? Because if i try to add lights etc the numbers at the side doors are bugging.

    • Ich500 says:

      The problem mate is that i use the volvo fh16 2009 engine for 750 hp that it works on the mp also :/
      I can do nothing but maybe someone other know a way πŸ˜›

      Happy Trucking Ich500

  6. Murat says:

    The link doesnt work

  7. Mario says:

    can you make one with the original actros mp4 sound? or has somebody a link for it? i would appreciate it

  8. Tobi says:

    Not working @ MP

  9. xArSiKx says:


  10. Ganesh says:

    Steering wheel vanished in 1.25!!!

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