Mercedes Actros MP4 8×4 Chassis

Mercedes Actros MP4 8x4 Chassis

Tested on 1.18.1

Author: Kai


8 Responses to Mercedes Actros MP4 8×4 Chassis

  1. Simton says:

    bei mir schmiert das spiel ab, wenn ich zum Mercedes-Händler gehe

  2. Mitchell says:

    Great mod
    but it don’t work
    game crash
    can you fix this

  3. ramon says:

    looks cool but crash after crash\

  4. fazzer says:

    Looks good but crashes my game.please fix.

  5. totto says:

    So, if you use this mod, the Cabin of the truck is gone. The Driver Position is under the Street, and if you want to chose the 8×4 Chassie the Game crashed??????????????????????????

  6. totto1000 says:

    Das einzig Gute an diesm Mod ist das Foto!!!!!!!!!

  7. Patrick says:

    Nice Truck. Everything is great. But it would be great, if you can add nice covers for the thing on the back (love the ones from the new SLT… 😛 )
    Also it would be great, if you can add some covers for the fuel tanks (like the short one from the original scs-truck) and a better skin for the wheel covers in the back (also like the ones from the original scs-truck… 😉 )
    with regards

    (I´m very sorry for perhaps emerging misspellings. I´m German and I hope, you can understand it… 😉 )

  8. folickmann says:

    bonjour jai pris le mod mais avec la 1.21 sa ne marche pas merci

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