Mercedes Actros MP4 Append Combo Pack


As to welcome the new Mercedes-Benz Actros MPIV by SCS in Euro Truck Simulator 2,
I made this skin project for the truck itself featuring Hatsune Miku
I called it “Actros Append” as it come a way where Miku Append meets the Actros MPIV. More info in the readme

DO NOT reupload to other file hosting websites (I need to keep track of my downloads) Instead, share my skin mods with its original download link

Tested in 1.18.x

Author: Samemori

DOWNLOAD 19 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 19 MB [Mediafire]

10 Responses to Mercedes Actros MP4 Append Combo Pack

  1. IRiS(Japan) says:

    Trailer is standaloneļ¼Ÿ

    • Samemori says:

      Yes, it is standalone (trailer name is tn_cool_linea). I even modify the trailer to be avaliable in the Scandinavia DLC map.

  2. Joohoo248 says:

    Hi, how do I access this skin?

    • Samemori says:

      What do you mean by that?
      If you referring to the installation, just follow the readme text file in the folder. However you need to extract the .rar file first with a file extraction software like WinRAR. then there will be two .scs files. C
      Copy both files to …/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder. Then enter the game and go to edit profile and find the mod, if it thete, mark it as checked and you are done!

  3. hendi says:

    hi, i just found out your work, and this is awesome. but I didn’t see the skin in game.

    • hendi says:

      EDIT : i have another skin mod checked in driver profile, and they worked. I use btw
      (sorry for english)

      • Samemori says:

        Which one?
        You can switch on all truck skin that I have made at once in the driver profile. But for the trailer, switch on only the one you want to see in the game. This is because I only reskin the “tn_cool_linea” trailer without changing the internal name.
        Still, I am glad you got my mod to work at your side.

  4. Nope says:

    Awesome skin dude šŸ˜€

    • Samemori says:

      Though this is a late reply, Thanks a lot Nope. I will try to find time to make more skins.

  5. Lazmarr says:

    Awesome skin, however I cannot seem to be able to see the skin in-game?
    I have activated it and the trailer mod. I have the new actros, but it doesn’t appear in the paint area of the truck configurator.
    I am on update 1.22.
    I’d appreciate any step by step to get it to appear in-game and how to us the trailer as well.

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