Mercedes Actros MP4 – Lowdeck


-This modification decrease chassis-
(If you find some error, please contact me on my FB page, link is bellow)
Thank you and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚
Tested on version: 1.22
YouTube channel:

Grepo, SCS


13 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP4 – Lowdeck

  1. old mod with the same old picutres…

    1. Mod and pictures are my…

    2. JaroslavVanSturen

      No!! It is brand new mod from GrepoWorks !!

  2. MB New Actros Lower by RPaiva and Badeko
    Grepo I unlocked your mod but it looks the same
    to that of RPaiva
    Can you explain the difference
    thank you

    1. Hi, I don’t know what is different, I havn’t tried it… This mod what I put for download I made, can you believe me, I’m not a deceiver…

      1. I have not thought that you are a thief
        I made a proper consideration
        ok the job is yours congratulations

      2. I wanted to ask you too can create toys dlc?
        I’d like to have one exclusive for me

    2. zoso ,this is the original mod by Grepo Works, and the mode of Paiva’s not lowdeck but feeble attempt amateur. Lowered and low-deck are different concepts, ###### !!!

      1. I did not understand the word ###### it was reported to me?

        1. Zoso, the difference between these modes is immediately obvious by is already photos. Mod by Grepo in the quarter mudguards, as with conventional low deck because of drop trailers.

          1. Mustang ok but I’m not ######!!!!!!!!!!!
            surely I was born before you

  3. Can you do this low deck for Flemming V tandem?

  4. linyu330640832

    thank you very much

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