Mercedes Actros MP4 Mega Mod V2


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– added new chassis
– more addons

DragonModz, SCS


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22 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP4 Mega Mod V2

    1. Raz0rMind

      Thanks for the Video.

  1. TruckerPrimi

    Can anyone make a beacon bar for Mercedes benz MPIV?

  2. truck.pmg 47mb *s t u p i d*

    1. DragonModz

      why are u unlocking it?

      1. Because ##### he ####### can if he is not sharing it you ####### #######.

        1. DragonModz

          Clearly says

          and he didnt even ask permission

          1. Raz0rMind

            Dear Jesse,

            what for a Internet Gangster you are?
            You know what permissions is? I think not.

        2. Jesse, as I said towards Ethan Warren, I say to you. You don´t have to use swearing in your arguments surrounding the mods and the replies that you are getting. Swearing in arguments is just a way to point out that you are immature and do not understand proper argumentation. Now I don´t blame you for it but keep it in mind so you won´t have a bad reply towards you again 🙂

  3. Waldemsr225

    I can´t put it in my Mod folder pls. help

  4. Please quick fix this error: External locator for toy addon group ‘toybig’ was not found, expect problems

    1. I´ve got bad news for yah, the whole profile is corrupt. You need to make a new one to make it disappear

  5. Asphroxia

    Awesome mod! really loving it,

    just have 1 minor complaint and that is that this mod ”” no longer works, it added blinkers to the mirror but now the mirrors dont work anymore, other then that perhaps make a ”custom” too for the 6×2/4 or at least give them some tail light love, and that crane needs some reworked textures but other then that awesome mod keep up the work

  6. Ethan Warren

    What a terrible ###### mod, just stop making these ###### mods, they are ####### awful

    1. DragonModz

      Dear Ethan Warren
      I thank you for your comment but i know you are one of the biggest scums in the community so i will not take your opinion about this mod. Second of all you cannot stop me modding i mod as a hobby and the reason i dont bother learning modding properly is because it takes time which i dont have as i said modding is a hobby and i will continue modding and releasing stuff you cannot stop me

      1. Waldemsr225

        I like your mods very much and I hope you keep on doing great stuff like this. 🙂

    2. Ethan, I know you don´t like DragonModz mods, but do you really need to swear in your arguments surrounding his mods? It just let your arguments down and makes you look like immature. So if you want your critics to be good then PLEASE don´t swear so much in your critics towards the mod.

      Thank you and have a pleasant evening

  7. Why did you even waste you time doing this, it is so bad. Please stop modding for gods sake! Embarrassment to all modders of the ets2 community out there.

    1. DragonModz

      I dont waste my time its a hobby for me plus i dont care what u think tom because you are acting like some of the biggest scums do in ets2 community and btw I WILL NEVER EVER STOP MODDING!

  8. Mr.Diamond

    Hello, this will maybe so ###### question, but can I use it in Multiplayer? 🙂 Thanks

  9. i have mirror issue.
    when i open F3 virtual Mirrors show in front of me, not back.
    Did you know that ?
    If you can resolve that issue, i can use that mod forever.
    Thanks for good mod.
    And dont listen the other guys.
    Keep up, good work.

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