Mercedes Actros MP4/MP5 OM470 sound mod by Max2712 V2.6

Mercedes Actros OM470 sound mod for the New Actros MP4 and MP5 (mod) for ETS2 1.39 – 1.43.

– completely new engine sound, built from sound samples recorded from a real 2017 Actros 1846 with the 10.7l OM470 engine
– all interior noises, stick and switch sounds recorded in a real Actros MP4 for the MP4 in game and also in a real Actros MP5 for the MP5 mod by the Actros 5 Crew
– realistic sound attenuation in the truck cabin for all sounds coming from the outside (ETS2 1.43 only!)
– real air-gear, air-brake and lift-axle sounds
– real wiper sounds
– unique window sounds
– new normal horn & air-horn sounds
– start/stop-button sounds
– parking-brake-apply-warning when turning off the engine

Changelog for V2.6:
– adaption for patch 1.43
– custom sound attenuation config for a realistic sound isolation in the cabin (ETS2 1.43 only!)
– slight improvements in all sound tracks
– better balanced sound volumes



4 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP4/MP5 OM470 sound mod by Max2712 V2.6

  1. It would be good, that when you present a truck sound, you don’t play music in the video.

    1. Watch the author’s video here: I highly doubt it’s Max himself uploading to a third party site.

      1. Thanks DigitalX, now I could hear Max’s sound well. Very good.

  2. Dawid Ojrzynski

    Great sounds. Thanks

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