Mercedes Actros MP4 Stock Sound v 2.0 (1.19.x)

Stock Sound

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Mercedes Actros MP4 Stock Sound for 1.19.x versions

Version 2.0:
– New Equalization

Author: kriechbaum
DEF / Compatibility version: TMLocko

My Contacts:

Please report any bug or any idea to make it better to us.
Have fun!

Authors: kriechbaum, TMLocko


12 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP4 Stock Sound v 2.0 (1.19.x)

  1. Спасибо! Хороший звук

  2. Very nice! I love this! Thanks
    But I think the original game sound of the tire and wind is better than as your sounds.

    1. TodoMundoLocko

      Hey! Im new in mods stuffs. First I just bring this mod to work on 1.19.x, cuz a lot people sent me mensagens in my youtube channel about the compatibility (in my 1.18x video).

      The “V1” is the same that Kriechbaum “V1” ( sounds and DEF volumes)
      In the V2 version I made a new volume configurations. I think is better now (i hope…lol)

      Now, I know that the mod works for everyone and I will explore it more.

      Ty for ur opinion and sorry for my poor english!
      Take care!

  3. simaozinho

    dumbass this is the engine sound not the tire or wind sound LOL

    1. I did not talk to you! So shut up

      the mod maker Understand my opinion perfectly.

    2. TodoMundoLocko

      Ya man.. hes right. In a engine sound is not just a engine sound. We have all sounds about the trucks inside: tires, inside noises, crash sounds, gears, breake, wind, wiper, blink……

  4. Hi
    Love this sound but please update. It now crashes the game in 1.20 (SCS just added missing indicator sound in V1.20 a few hours ago)
    pb with dangling pointers

  5. can you fixet this mod . for 1.20 ???

    1. Can u make V8 sound?

  6. BenzHauler

    please update this amazing sound mod, 1.20.X versions of ETS2 getting crash….please update. this mod gives a whole new level for the Actros

  7. Can you make it compatible with 1.21?

  8. game crashed

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