Mercedes Actros MP4 v 2.0.0 + Skin Pack Rebuild v 1.15

Mercedes-Actros-MP-4-v-2.0.0+Skin-Pack-Rebuild-v-1.15-1 Mercedes-Actros-MP-4-v-2.0.0+Skin-Pack-Rebuild-v-1.15-2

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– New Big Skin Pack
– For there is no problem 1.15 beta
– Full support of all features of the game engine
– High-quality polygon model
– High-quality texture and shadow map
– Supports all painting DLC
– Interior and Little Addons included

Authors: SCS, DANZ, Dieselrocker, Joe


11 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP4 v 2.0.0 + Skin Pack Rebuild v 1.15

  1. MirmoZibang

    Why no more chassis… ? 🙁

    1. Roadrunner

      i agree also why is there still no Right Hand Drive (RHD)??????????

  2. ola sera que podem por na versao 1.14.2 pf

  3. Thanks, very good mod, but I have one problem to report. Interior for this truck, in first interior the steering wheel is too small, and in the second interior the steering wheel is good, but the mirrors have wrong position. And if you can make more chassis versions it would be the coolest mod so far.

  4. Sergii123

    Please , give teplate for skin .

  5. Sergii123

    Please , give teplate for skin.

  6. Michael Piet

    How to add MP4 interior? i get the majestic interior from the mp3

  7. dont work with v1.15.6s

  8. I can’t change the engine or anything else @1.15

  9. Beautiful realization of really good truck, only if another version had a 6×4 chassis, with
    corresponding side skirts, it would be the best implementation so far. If you do, you will be developers and a half. Greetings and much success.

  10. Please chassis and retarder.

    corrupt retarder

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