Mercedes Actros MP4 V3.0 Fix


– Spelled out in a separate slot
– His interior
– Supported by the repainting of the body
– Three variants of the chassis

Little bugfix with fuel tanks, now they are not pink, like on old
versions.. and textures without messing now.

ED94, seckin01, DANZ, CH_Vitalik, Axeet, Agus2an, Ventyres,
roadhunter, Harald-RS, ExclusiveUA.


10 Responses to Mercedes Actros MP4 V3.0 Fix

  1. nino95 says:

    is there in interior at night still the red light on?
    hope you fix it

    • error404 says:

      i stopped testing after i put lights on daytime:

      Pink,.,.,.,.May one please fix this?

  2. Alex_42 says:

    Пожалуйста,сделайти тюнинг салона,вымпелы и полку

  3. Masterx302 says:

    plz. add sideskirt for 6×4 chassis

  4. carsten says:

    please add tuning

  5. Flux says:

    What`s got to be in your mind to put red lights inside the cabin? It`s a truck not a brothel, #####!

  6. hemeh says:

    where can i find this truck at the truck dealer? i didnt find that at Majestic Truck Dealer

  7. Remove the red light seriously says:

    Get rid of the ###### red light in the cabin or at least say what file it is so that we can delete it in the archive ruins red light ruins the mod

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