Mercedes Actros MPIV 2014 Simply Elegance Interior

Simply Elegance Interior-2 Simply Elegance Interior-1

For Actros MPIV drivers here is a modified interior which is better for your eyes. I hope you like it.

Author: Navix


3 Responses to Mercedes Actros MPIV 2014 Simply Elegance Interior

  1. Eirik says:

    what is the difference?

    • Navix says:

      See interior before …

      – changing textures and materials
      – less chrome and gloss, less reflection at day and night
      – swheel and dashboard same (darker) textures
      – veneer uses the same texture for swheel/dashboard

      So then all no longer looks so oiled đŸ˜‰

  2. Reef says:

    Any chance of you doing the UK variants too? I’m ok with Blender as far as moving and adjusting things goes but I’m still trying to get my head around UV mapping

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