Mercedes Actros Open Pipe Sound Reworked V.2.0

change without permission forbidden only works in scs mercedes Actros MP3

Drive Safely..

Patch: 1.40



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5 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros Open Pipe Sound Reworked V.2.0

  1. PatruPumpkinhero2

    why does it say it’s for the MP3 but the photo is of an MP4?

  2. PatruPumpkinhero2, Ask him why he doesn’t post a video with the sound.

    1. GermanETS2Driver

      He post no Video because he know it is garbage!

  3. GermanETS2Driver, 👍

  4. if the sound wasn’t “open pipe” it would come pretty close to the original Actros MP3 sound, it would be very nice

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