Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team Trailer

Mercedes-AMG-Petronas-Formula-One-Team-2 Mercedes-AMG-Petronas-Formula-One-Team-1

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Standalone trailer Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula one team
Detailed model with high resolution textures

Registered in company’s work

Tested version 1.22 – 1.23

Authors: Scs PG, Micha_BF3

DOWNLOAD 20 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 20 MB [Uploadfiles]

13 Responses to Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team Trailer

  1. Syahrul says:

    nice 🙂

  2. wtf says:

    Apart from the fact that they’d never be transported on an open trailer, let alone one with that axle setup (As they’re super light… Car transporters should have 25 axles then), where the #### is the securing of the load? This is pretty stupid to be honest.

    • SVENNE1362 says:

      Yupp more and more stupid mods appear especially trailer mods.

  3. EUDRIVER says:

    Stupid idea for stupid people…. omg. Learn HOW transport F1cars…

  4. JESAN says:

    More and more stupid mods here
    Euro Truck SIMULATOR remember ?

  5. lordmodets2 says:

    want to use your time doing something different, try this charge that appears in the film, I’m sure the planet ETS2 will talk about your mod …


  6. zoso says:

    I like this trailer (even if it is not real)
    I do not agree with criticism
    We have to appreciate the work of modders
    thanks Scs PG, Micha_BF3??????

    • sarah1224 says:

      Agree with you Zoso, this is a game not a real life so shut up ######.

      Thank you Scs PG, Micha_BF3!!

    • zoso says:

      I do not remember, but there is an F1 GP for logistical issues
      f1 are transported discoveries (maybe in america)
      I wanted to say to friends who have criticized this mod
      that there are people who mod charging senseless???
      but no one is talking !!!???

  7. Moises says:


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