Mercedes Antos 12 Money Skin

Money (1) Money (3) Money (2)

Here is Mercedes Benz Antos Money Skin..Why Money?

Because everytime when you buy this skin you recive 500000€ on your bank account so you can use everytime when your bank account on low money just buy a skin and enjoy in new fresh money on your account

Tested on 1.19.x and Mercedes Benz Antos 12

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Author: BLiNKT


4 Responses to Mercedes Antos 12 Money Skin

  1. MikkelSmikkel says:

    How do you skin this truck?

    • BLiNKT says:

      Visit my facebook page and contact me i will tell you

      • MikkelSmikkel says:

        Nvm, i fixed it through etsstudio. But thanks that you wanted to help me!

  2. Ethan r says:

    Where did you get that beacon light bar

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