Mercedes Antos 1840 for 1.25/1.24/1.23


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Mercedes-Antos 1840 for ETS2


Truck with tuning!!!
Display in interior not work!

Adaptation: 1.25.x / 1.24.x / 1.23.x
Test version:

Credits; Maxagent, Oleg, jekich1, stas556


17 thoughts on “Mercedes Antos 1840 for 1.25/1.24/1.23

  1. it has advanced trailer coupling?

    if is compatible to v1.23, that means many errors/issues in game.log.txt for play v1.25 and this causes LAGs?

  2. I have my doubts that this is actually the official version for 1.25 as it clearly states that it´s working with 1.23 as Theosz said.

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    i think is old Mod… but look the Video on my Youtube Channel

  4. Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  5. Old Staff inside, from 2013/14n newest is the Sound from 2016.
    No Manifest, etc.
    For me a real Fake-Mod !

    But the Videos to make Money is there, Diablo 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. JoachimK do not quite understand you, not me this mod intercede on a video as seen first gave Mr.GermanTruck so why just me CHANGED what?

      1. Yes, Diablo! That’s all it is – mrGermantruck , to blame him in all things that would earn an extra penny like a miser with a large drool

  6. user: modsats – #####. Old files forever!!!

  7. Another s**it and old mold from Maxagent. Only for money. Users careless.
    People, don’t download.
    Search an Antos from DANZ.

  8. CyrusTheVirus

    What you hope Groningen maxagent, mods_ats ….?

  9. RobertDee

    My test drive: – good job 🙂

  10. More Tunning wold be nice 🙂

  11. I+can+not+understand+how+one+can+boast+about+something+that+is+bad+and+even+other+people’s+stolen+and+appropriated.+This+mode+is+the+first+beta+D3S+Studio+and+Danz,+who+have+done+it+and+as+a+beta+better+than+call+the+author+of+this+mod.+This+is+a+crippled+version+of+the+first+beta,+which+I+already+mentioned.+The+sound+engine+of+Scania+which+is+in+the+final+disintegration.+Even+the+computer+is+not+working+properly.+I+this+truck+I+was+driving+and+when+we+paid+diamonds+each+ride.

  12. I can not understand how one can boast about something that is bad and even other people’s stolen and appropriated. This mode is the first beta D3S Studio and Danz, who have done it and as a beta better than call the author of this mod. This is a crippled version of the first beta, which I already mentioned. The sound engine of Scania which is in the final disintegration. Even the computer is not working properly. I this truck I was driving and when we paid diamonds each ride.
       And as far as these that the true test video call, they do not care if something is good or not, it is important to make money. They have learned to make money the easy way, without much effort, no wonder, because they come from the middle, where they are run by foreigners economy to be lost. No matter what their country among impudent in Europe, and perhaps in the world. For them, are important only three things: money, alcohol and ###.

  13. H.Trucker

    The truck is badly adapted to version 1.25, I’m adapting this truck to make it work correctly in version 1.25 of the game in a few days the truck will be completely adapted :):)

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