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Mercedes Antos 2 v

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– Add 2 variants and 3 looks UK interior (Sorry, speedmeter scale is kph)
– Selectable steering wheel (UK interior only, 2 variants and 3 looks)
– Interior animation based on Actros 2014 v1.27
– Add some parts suitable for UK interior
– Add UK dealership
– Add UK truck browser
– Fix definitions for quick job trucks

DANZ, SCS, VITALIK_PRO100, bobr40, Mondo.N


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14 Responses to Mercedes Antos 2 v

  1. ekerrrr says:

    Where is spolier? i can’t find truck spolier in game

  2. willie b says:

    why cant the frontbumper not be change.
    on the picture its in colour..but in -game its black plastic ?

  3. s says:

    game crashes everytime when i try to go mb dealrship

    • JoachimK says:

      some Words:
      -game crashes everytime when i try to go mb dealrship-
      -game crashes everytime when i try to go mb dealrship-
      -Where is spolier? i can’t find truck spolier in game-

      You have to install ALL Mods in the Archive in good Order
      as written in the ReadMe.
      Look here:

  4. GameplayHD2015 says:

    Video with this amazing truck:


  5. willie b says:

    ok . got it to work..you need the UK scs also.

  6. jonny 87 says:

    works fine for me and it looks great. nice work

  7. carlos mora says:

    link broke

  8. Zori says:

    спойлера чета нет 🙁

  9. Kristian says:

    DO NOT PUT THIS MOD IN YOUR GAME, it will make the brakes on all your trucks 50% less efficient!
    The creator of this mod is an #####, he trolling our brakes on all trucks in the game. :@

  10. Danil_LP says:

    Wie kann ich das installieren?

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