Mercedes Antos Tandem


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Mercedes Antos + Trailer Chereau = tandem by diamond.

Credits: Каприн (Ant457), Jekich1, Максим Ogneevenko, Stas556, Oleg, ventyres, Diamond modding


13 thoughts on “Mercedes Antos Tandem

  1. Melichov_SU

    Game Video Mod Mercedes Antos Tandem:

  2. Another tandem withou the trailer.Please say in the description Tandem without trailer.Is no trailer in the downloadlink.
    If you want the trailer take the download link from the Melichov’s video.Thanks Melichov for the trailer.

  3. Still with this ###### scorpio inside :/

    1. Diamond moddind

      Dans la prochine version il n’y sera plus 😉

  4. pralk0suszarka

    No trailer, still solo.

  5. 1 axel again? 🙁 Come on ;/

    1. @dr_jaymz


      1. AXLE yes..

  6. If you now want two axles, then why not make by yourself or ask someone to do it instead of rage on here. 😉

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