Mercedes Axor 1.35

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Adapted 1.35 version
New accessorys
Bdf chassis canceled
Wheel mod:



15 Responses to Mercedes Axor 1.35

  1. Dillinger Johnny says:

    Thank you very much

  2. ScaniaDriverV8StreamLine says:

    ugly truck sorry

    • yasin says:

      Watch review before talking

    • the mercades axor...terrible since they came out says:

      there terrible in real life….they pull well but there unreliable,have literally no brakes terrible speaker system and the ride meh….its ok but nowhere near as good as the actros or scania…comfortable seats though to be fair

      • the mercades axor...terrible since they came out says:

        but I am going off the ones ive been in where my dad works…maybe there just old because they are from 2010 because there old but the 2011 Scania G440 we have is still a cracking motor…been chipped and goes like a train..

  3. GermanETS2Driver says:

    Who needs white Turkish wheels??? I know this wheels from very old cars but on Trucks come on? The Sound is from SCS MP3 not real and sadly sounds like ETS1. Cant recommend download.

    • Angelo says:

      Thanks for the review GermanETS2Driver 🙂
      Yours, is the first comment I red that really talk about the mod

    • TheGreenlightTrucker says:

      It’s the turkish style. If you don’t like, why you download it?

    • yasin says:

      Watch rewiew ######!

    • Michael mlowe says:

      I need this game please

  4. Legestar says:

    Dorse modunun linki var mı?

  5. Christo says:


    Guys, this Axor is a very great model – and CAN BE WITHOUT those WHITE wheels or CHROM addons 😉

  6. Kürşat says:

    Elinize sağlık mod çok güzel olmuş. Videodaki sal dorsenin paylaşımı olacak mı ?

  7. jayontheway228 says:

    Предлагаю ознакомится с обзором мода
    Если понравилось — подпишись )

  8. Bodyguardxp says:

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – MB AXOR + Lastik Jant Paketi [1.35-1.36]

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