Mercedes Axor + Addons


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Axor MP2 Cab and MP3 Cap
Taglift and Midlift
New Addons



9 thoughts on “Mercedes Axor + Addons

  1. Elitesquad Modz

    Nice mod!
    We will release some skins for the truck verry soon!
    Can you please fix the AI because all the trucks will be replaced by an Axor

    1. EneaMaconi

      Yes, very bad bug :((((

      1. Drive Safely

        For now you should be able to fix it by removing the traffic storage and the _traffic files in the def folder.

  2. Trucker_Zocker

    What is this for a Grafik Mod?

  3. Danz is the best for mod

  4. 06_Jenia_99

    Please give the reference to “Mega”, I can not download “Sharemods”, an error

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