Mercedes Axor v2.0 in Traffic and Quick jobs


Put in your ETS 2 mod folder.
Works with version 1.3.1
This little mod lets the Mercedes Axor v2.0.0 by DANZ show up in traffic.
The lowroof, highroof and highroof s version show up in traffic and quick jobs.
The black Edition and Powershift will NOT because they can give trouble and make the game CTD.
Make sure this mod is loaded AFTER your Mercedes Axor in ETS 2
You can download the Mercedes Axor v2.0.0 here:
You can now also do quick jobs with the Axor!
It will NOT work with the Mercedes Axor v1.0.0!!!
Also included as a bonus are traffic files for te default trucks with
more accessoires like bull bars!
Regards to all truckers.


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