Mercedes Benz 1518

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Version: 1.27



13 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz 1518

  1. The exterior and interior is lazy and looks unfinished as always. At least put some effort to it…

    1. Typical brazilian mod
      what do you expect? lol

      1. Exactly. I’ve yet to see at least one Brazilian mod with near-perfect details for the truck they upload, but nope. Even the author doesn’t get it.

        1. they just like ugly ### trucks with stupidly high rear end

          1. Mostly well-finished Brazilian mods are paid & not accessible for you Europeans. Besides that, Lucas Santana & Victor Rodrigues do a amazing work with their free mods. So, learn first before criticising, ’cause I’m pretty sure that none of you know $hit about modelling.

  2. @Renato: Neither do you, so don’t try to backseat mod as if you’re trying to white knight this this, or other mods that have less and flat detail.

    1. Roberto D.

      Renato has no idea what he’s talking about. Seems he’s into modded trucks that have absolutely little to no detail from laziness. I’d like to see him do better but we all know he’d rather run his mouth than to do work. Its just sad

    2. If you can’t do better just shut up homie. That’s the lesson for you

      1. paid mod is retarded and illegal in Europe
        besides,modelling is ####### easy I do this for living

        “I’m pretty sure that none of you know $hit about modelling.” yeah right keeping guessing lol

        1. Nice one. He needs to keep on guessing instead of trying to tell people what to do, especially when he’s being a backseat moderator on defending lazy work.

        2. So what you waiting for? Do yourself your Mercedes Benz 1518 and show everyone that this one is “lazy” as you say. You’ll see if modelling is easier than criticising other people’s mods

  3. Kids

  4. I’m+Brazilian+and+i+don’t+give+a+d*mn+about+these+cr*ppy+(in+game+and+real+life)+Brazilian+versions+of+trucks.


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