Mercedes Benz 1519 Argentina AI Traffic Tandem Style

Mercedes-Benz-1519-1 Mercedes-Benz-1519-2 Mercedes-Benz-1519-3

Mercedes Benz 1519 Ai tandem Argentine style for A.i traffic
Tested in version 1.24
Works on any map

Author: ttcsdmsalgado96


7 Responses to Mercedes Benz 1519 Argentina AI Traffic Tandem Style

  1. yiannis says:

    It looks awful

  2. Theosz says:

    nice but next version need repaint the textures to be real because the colors makes looks like a toy. much unreal

  3. Andrew says:

    Where are my sunglasses?

  4. Facu says:

    Una carrocería rojo oscuro se vería mejor que el amarillo, es mas común en Argentina

  5. herman says:

    that was done in paint

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