Mercedes-Benz 1519 (TTMODS Rework)


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Hello folks
Some day, i saw this truck mod. This is a truck model that i like, besides i’ve seen some potential in it, so i decided to work on it.
This particular mod is made by jbartarquit. Yet there are some other names that use the exact same exterior model on different mods, so i couldn’t find the real guy.. If he contacts me i’ll be glad.
-I reworked on both exterior and interior, but heavily on interior.
-Has interior light options in different colors (press O)
-I recommend to select the strongest engine option for optimal gaming.
-Sounds are not that good, so if someone make a good engine sound mod for this truck, that would be great.

Original mod by: jbartarquit Interior rework: Tunak [TTMODS]


14 Responses to Mercedes-Benz 1519 (TTMODS Rework)

  1. ASD says:

    One of the best truck mods ever! ๐Ÿ™‚ Only thing that really annoys me is wipers. They should sweep a larger area on the windshield? If you can fix that i would be more than happy.. =D

  2. BanditGamingHD says:

    awesome truck, video gameplay —>

    • Duveltje says:

      HD video? Dude really? You can’t even make this truck work properly!

      Thank you Tunak for making this truck shine in ETS2 like it HAD TO BE!

    • UltraGeo2000 says:

      well, you are right Tunak, but he made clear your name….. he hasn’t stolen your mod…..;) but, whatever the situation, nice job Tunak!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. lukas says:

    retire o som ou substitua por um melhor.

    • Tunak says:

      english please.

      • Verbatim says:

        The person above said this:

        retire o som ou substitua por um melhor.

        Translated it says:
        remove the sound or replace it with a better.

        I also wish users would use English, especially when I see 20+ comments all in a language that I can’t understand. (My ignorance for not learning it) So glad my browser allows me to click and translate in seconds!

        Thank you Tunak for this mod, keep up the great work!

  4. stopsellingmodswithpayhosters says:

    somebody is not able to dl on sharemods so i think you only want to make money with your mod hoster – i ll tell daimler-benz stuttgard licence that you sell without their licence.
    Otherwise stop selling your mods with hosters – do that all for free and release all mods free of hoster type but with your free mod copyright.

  5. da says:

    All of the mods here in this site use you stupid prick :)))

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