Mercedes Benz 1620 + 4 Trailer

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– Tested in the game version 1.3.1
– Some bodies in the shop
– Swap the colors
– Change wheels
– Appearing inside with capo
– Accompanying the load invisible mod

Author: Tonho


5 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz 1620 + 4 Trailer

  1. no interior, mercedes original remained. large –
    mirrors in the store next to truck jumps, both in and outdoors ineriru large –
    Convert Tonhov when doing so will go to the end and NO Halves

    1. almog223344

      You are right! i wanted interior but theres no interior 🙁

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Problem with most of these trucks and also teh american trucks is the conversion, let me be very clear: I can’t convert, but! If You convert it do it right! And i agree with Hapsee,

    Don’t score downloadnumbers. score quality please,


    Freddy Jimmink

  3. great mod, just the interior and will be great.
    great idea.
    do for new trucks to ride in tandem

  4. Hi, what dealer are you in?

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