Mercedes Benz 1632 + New Sound + Adv Coupling


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– Adapted for Patch 1.24
– Advanced Trailer Coupling
– New Sound Mod

If you have a Mercedes by Ekualizer in your Grarage with a 12 speed gearbox, you must sale out this truck, because this version has only 16 speed gearboxes.
Advanced coupling is supported.
Sound is captured by an Mercedes SK/MK 1726 V6 natural aspiration. To capture sound from a NG 1632 is planed, but not possible at this moment, because there is no NG in sight.


Author in GTS: Ventures87
Author chassis 6×4: Stels
Konwert ETS2: Sobral, Kirill73rus
Edycja, definicje i poprawki: Ekualizer
Sound, Deutrans skins and adv-coupling by Truckercharly


6 Responses to Mercedes Benz 1632 + New Sound + Adv Coupling

  1. Criss A says:

    download server error

  2. Angelo says:

    Nice truck, I love the sound.
    If a plan to update the mod exist, think please to fix the wipers because they does not wipe the windshield where is needed.

  3. imchasingyou says:

    – good looking outside
    – very cool sound
    – gearbox with 16 gears
    – custom skins
    – good handling
    – acceleration for not powerful engines are good even with heavy trailers

    – small amount of tuning
    – wipers work bad
    – no onboard computer (maybe addon as GPS?)
    – GPS addon isn’t informative
    – inside look isn’t very good, too shiny, speedometer shows wrong speed
    – low resolution textures outsire and inside

    • Hicham says:

      i don’t know about on board computer, it’s an old truck !! to have that stupid display in an old truck is just stupid , no offence

  4. Hicham says:

    i love good old trucks, this one is my favorite ,, please next update fix the windshield wipers , they don’t wipe all the way, plus outside wipers don’t move at all !!

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