Mercedes Benz 1632 NG Fixed


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This truck is completely autonomous.
You can buy it from Majestic dealer.
Specifications is taken from the original documentation
Model is skinnable

* Fixed a crash in quick job

Authors: The authors base model: Ventures87,Stels, Sobral, Kirill73rus Heavy edit: Ekualizer, fix crash – Phantom94


14 Responses to Mercedes Benz 1632 NG Fixed

  1. Phantom94 says:

    work in 1.22.x

    • Ets2player says:

      you can change the windshield wipers ?
      the disc is not clean

  2. Xenon says:

    Thank you

  3. stanislav says:

    Thank you!!

  4. Nikolay says:


  5. Ets2player says:

    you can change the windshield wipers ?
    the disc is not clean

  6. goldchass says:

    Same error message with or without patch… Gamelog :
    00:19:27.840 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck_company/mercedes_1632.sii’, line 16:
    00:19:27.840 : [unit] The unit name ‘’, referenced in the attribute ‘accessories’ of unit ‘.company.truck’ (of type ‘vehicle’) is already taken.
    00:19:27.841 : load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/vehicle/truck_company/mercedes_1632.sii)

    • Phantom94 says:

      It is impossible , I have all the values ​​in the file forwarded to ng1632 and ng1632e
      The values ​​”” and others simply do not have this update , I personally rechecked the file several times !

  7. LGardner says:

    exterior wiper can’t work

  8. Sheriff says:

    Mal wieder kein DLC dabei 🙁

  9. Ets2player says:

    Hello Ekualizer. can you make this mod ready for the dlc cabin accessories?

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