Mercedes Benz 1853 edited


Another mod that Ekualizer fixed, this time Mercedes 1853 by Metin44.

Mercedes is a tandem truck and trailer only to such fits.
There is, unfortunately, their trailers, but are available for download online example heavy cargo package – development version 2
Because of its specificity is added to the speed or movement orders AI.

1 Edited and written correctly model.
2 Improved matrix
3 Edited glass and headlights
4 Added tuning points
5 Added the ability to install mirrors in the model
6 Fixed the driver animation
7 Added option to paint booth
8 Fixed body
9 Added replica engines to be installed in this model
10 Gears 6, 9, 12, 12R
11 Added simple model of a shadow
12 Truck listed in the five slot in the Mercedes showroom
13 Interior from Mercedes-Benz Actros 1844L MPII (Author GTS: DrivtEr s Mr.D, converted to ETS 2: Stas556, водитель102рус dmitry68 s), edited.

Game version: 1.3.1

Original mode: Metin44
Edited: Ekualizer


8 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz 1853 edited

  1. why mp1 interior for sk mercedes!?

  2. Nice truck, working fine for me. There’s only one little thing – speedometer shows about +10 km/h more than GPS.

    1. Sorry, my bad – speedmometer shows about -10 kh/m LESS than gps.

  3. Friends Mine De Why Freezes

  4. which truck does it replace

  5. swiss_RWI95

    Where can you download a Mercedes SK as a tractor for semi-trailer instead of this…

  6. swiss_RWI95

    Where can you download a Mercedes SK as a tractor for semi-Trailer ???

  7. not a bad truck. works ok, but only the roof light bar and the mirrors are not anchored to the cab so they move together.

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