Mercedes Benz 710 + Interior


Well folks, as my first post here on this site come bearing Mercedes
Benz 710, converted and edited by me [Vitor Moraes / Moraes 3D]. The
mod contains interior and snoring together to mod!

Vitor Moraes, Manoel Jordane


9 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz 710 + Interior

  1. you do know it looks like you made this using MS paint?

  2. Robisierra


  3. Threassaw


  4. what is this???????? this is not for ETS2 this is fo trashcan 😀

  5. ladouille9567


  6. For those unfamiliar, this is an old small Brazilian truck deliveries.

  7. superwerke


    Vitor, se você não sabe fazer, não faça. Está uma cagada. Arre, que troço feio e mau feito.

  8. It is bad, but please don’t let harsh comments discourage you from trying and improving. It is still better than what I would make, probably. 🙂

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