Mercedes-Benz A45 V1R4 (1.34)

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Compatible with 1.34
Rebased (just for new updates, nothing changed that you can see)

trzpro, yellow1441


11 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz A45 V1R4 (1.34)

  1. As every Time: Waste with -10* 🙁

  2. No….Make this car for GTA V !

    It’s called Euro TRUCK Simulator 2 not Euro Car Simulator 2…..

    Another ###### mod based on Skoda….

  3. Please update BMW e90 for 1.34

    1. If you want a Car, go to NFS or GTA…

      All “Cars” here based on Skoda (VW)… LOL

  4. no engine sound

  5. If you were able to make a good car mod, if only one, could say that cars enrich a lot est2, that the use that we give to the game nobody cares, that anyone who has a little bit of intelligence cares that the game is called ets2 or ecs2 or etcs2 Etc. By the way, I don’t like Nfs or Gta, and I don’t have to play them.
    The problem is that your car mods are junk, actually not even mods but bad editions of a car mod. So I can only say that to make cars like these, you better not do them.
    By the way, I do not know who are the creators of the skoda superb by mptruckers, but they should denounce you for making plagiarism that are a botched.

  6. Repost.. This mod is already on this site.. Just why

  7. how to open the trunk ;(

  8. foda-se se o jogo é de caminhão eu paguei por ele então vou jogar com um mod de carro kkk, esses hipócritas só porque não gostão de mod de carro ficam enchendo o saco, simplesmente saia da internet ai não virá isto

  9. fernando luna

    not engine sound…

  10. EnOmIs 2014

    No sound!!

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