Mercedes Benz A45

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If you want to use in 1.30 download from 1.30 link, If you want to use in 1.31 use 1.31 link


DOWNLOAD 30 MB for 1.30
DOWNLOAD 30 MB for 1.31

40 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz A45

  1. TomDooley

    I don’t care how much effort people put with these kinds of mods. Cars serve no purpose at ALL. They clearly cannot hitch any types of cargo without the game crashing. If people are this inept in realizing that this is a trucking game, then all cars need to be removed from the site. No exceptions. They’re great if they’re traffic AI, but as drivable? Sorry, but I don’t condone this type of idiotic modding.

    1. TomDooley, you didn’t a modder so don’t talk. I am not too but don’t write a com if you don’t like it.

      1. TomDooley

        Excuse me? Who are you to talk to me with that sort of attitude you possess? I’ve modded Peterbilt 579 and the Kenworth T680 & T880 for ATS and I have WAY more experience than you running your mouth around like that. My statement still stands, so I suggest you keep it that way.

        And do consider yourself lucky that you’re not on the SCS forums either or I’d have you reported on the spot. Move along now.


        2. DriftKing1209

          Could you add them in the ets 2 please

        3. If you want to keep your rank of “modder”, don’t be annoying in others players mod ! If I want I can post worst comments on yours mods !

        4. Sebastien

          Each to his own mate, the world doesn’t revolve around you, and just because you don’t use something doesn’t mean other people won’t. Modding is about adding things to a game that people want. if you don’t like to be able to drive a car in ets2/ats, then don’t install the mod. It’s not complicated.

        5. Tom Madge

          I’m sorry but this is ######. This game can be built for anything and some people just like the idea of driving round Europe in a car because there isn’t an open world game that’s like this one. Sure if you want to keep the game for what it’s meant for however with the tools of modding you can turn it into whatever you want and I think it’s great seeing the addition of car mods because it adds a whole new layer to the game, now I don’t mod myself however i’m pretty sure it only takes common sense to see that any experienced modder should know that with modding games they should look for gaps in the games to get them the most popular and gain a lot more popularity and someone saw this gap and used it to their advantage. Plus, no one is making you use car mods so there is no need to slate the people that do because “that’s not the correct way to play the game”. Modding adds many many new layers to the game so shut your big mouth and accept that people may want to use this game for different reasons.

        6. ~Tom Gennings

          Can you please shut the #### up

    2. Who cares what you think?? If you don’t like cars being put in ETS2 simply don’t download them, why comment??

      Don’t make yourself look an #####, oh sorry you are one!

    3. You’re not the only one playing this game. This game has thousands players and many players want car mods from me. If you disturbed, don’t download my mods and make a game called as “Euro Car Simulator” for our car mods

      1. trzpro = Thug Life

      2. trzpro you are the great, these fellas are just another lousy ###, keep it coming bro, we’re supporting you all the way, despite that, this mercs is awesome

    4. I agree!!!

    5. mashmixmusic

      Listen tom, Some people like car mods some people don’t. You obviously care enough about car mods to be looking at them and writing hate comments

    6. Yes, this is a truck game, but sometime I preffer only to take a car and drive trough ProMods map and discover their map !

    7. The cars certainly have a purpose. Sometimes I do my “garage managing duties” in them or if I want to get from 1 garage to another quicker and with better mpg and sometimes just to take a cruise. Plenty of uses for them even in a trucking game.

    8. Mods serve the purpose to make a game more fun and honestly I can quite understand that some players dislike the feeling to feel all the time like a fat trucker driving only 90kmh like they had no life or better things to do, ETS2 is a very time consuming game and of course I would feel bored too so I prefer a hot looking a-class merc who brings me in with 160-190kmh much faster to my destination than a slow 80kmh ####### truck. Is also like a vacation feeling to drive around with a car instead of a company truck.

  2. please create vw golf 4

  3. DaddeRaga

    On external camera, there’s no audio

  4. Cars can be perfectly driven in ets 2. They can not carry the trailers of the trucks, but there are cars trailers that can be downloaded and work without problems. That brings me to the next question: Does this car hook up well with the car trailer? Because if you don’t hook up, then it’s no good for this simulator. In the drawing it seems that you see a computer on board, but I do not know if it is functional. Do you have any animations, such as hand brake and gearbox? These are the details that make it worth making cars for ets 2.

  5. And by the way, anyone can comment on what they want while doing it with education. There’s no need to be modder to say something.

  6. ChrisMaximus

    ETS2 v1.31 I Mod – Test ▶️ Mercedes Benz A45 AMG

  7. Sergio M.

    TomDooley is a definition of a modder with a self-center and a narcissistic personality. He’s bound to criticize people on mods, whether they’re outdated, broken or otherwise. Think someone should give out the word about his behavior to SCS forums if possible.

  8. Bhagwant123

    From which dealer I can purchase this car?

  9. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.31…

  10. bro rica etsem audi a3 yapabilir misin yeni kasalardan (2013 den sonrası)

  11. Estephanie G.

    Modding is a community in every game. Modders try their best to give other players who want to have more fun with their game by adding in something that wasn’t intended. For example, cars in ETS2. ETS2 and ATS were only meant to feature trucks in which you can drive. People may have gotten bored of constantly driving trucks around and might have wanted to try something new. This is where they turned to modders for their ideas and skills. We demanded and they responded. Now not every mod is perfect. But, you have to remember that there was a large amount of effort put in to most of these mods. All for our enjoyment. So, you should put yourself in a modders stand point for a second before you go off on their mods saying nasty stuff. If you don’t have anything good to say don’t say it at all.

    1. Sergio M.

      Figured its time to let SCS forums know about TomDooley’s sudden rampant behavior. Just because he has mods of his own to show for doesn’t make him a perfectionist. Sure he gets snippy at people regarding mods, but when he crosses the line like this, he’s gonna have to walk.

  12. Is there any way to get the password for the scs file? i only wanted to edit the size of the tank so that i can drive long distances without refueling. Also im driving really fast so that i can only drive about ~50km before the tank is empty. Would be great if you could tell me the password for the scs file or you just make a little “add-on” for the mod with a tank size with 1000 liters+

    1. If you want you can send me the passwort to: [email protected]

      As i said just for private editing and no publishing the password or the edited version

  13. Trzpro thanks for this great mod)
    I want to change only the license plate of this car, can you send me a password of mod to my email ‘[email protected]’, thank you in advance

  14. Congratulations the mod is great, but I liked that the rotations were up to 7,000 / 7,500 rpm and the km’s hand was in line with the
    rpm …

  15. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.31…

  16. trzpro, I see a better mod you done, the Fiat Doblo 2018 is you’re best mod !

  17. Your mods look good. But can you PLEASE make the turkish plates optional and the World Of Trucks / Default plates standard? That’d be nice!

    1. Same

  18. Euro Truck Simulator 2, Install Mod the Mercedes-Benz A45

  19. I don’t care how much effort people put with these kinds of mods. Cars serve no purpose at ALL. They clearly cannot hitch any types of cargo without the game crashing. If people are this inept in realizing that this is a trucking game, then all cars need to be removed from the site. No exceptions. They’re great if they’re traffic AI, but as drivable? Sorry, but I don’t condone this type of idiotic modding.

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