Mercedes Benz Actros 2014i Sound HD (rev)


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Full credit to Kapitan Kriechbaum over all its glory for allowing me to share with the general public.

be happy driver Mercedes-Benz Truck

continue to use the original or link, to the quality of the original mod


Author: Gustav Rhan

DOWNLOAD 8 MB [file-upload]
DOWNLOAD 8 MB [4shared]

16 Responses to Mercedes Benz Actros 2014i Sound HD (rev)

  1. Gene says:

    Sausage Surprise!

    • GustavRhan says:

      you are very meticulous with detail , ha…ha…ha…

  2. Diablo says:

    Test 1.24 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  3. JoachimK says:

    Thank you for Uploading to another Hoster. 🙂 🙂

  4. Joaquim says:

    Side Skirt Download?

  5. wegger says:

    Great sound!

  6. R.J Productions says:

    Mate. U Have an Awesome Sound, But U Have made it really terrible, Gear Is Not From MB MP4 and its not right, its a powershift and it should clunk in the inside. and airbrake and gear change sounds are not properly synchronized, they are too lous for an i sound, even in the interior. and also in the exterior too. turbo is messed up, u just made the basics of the sound and u forgot the necessaries. Please I Hope a Lot To Come Out Of this sound.

    • GustavRhan says:

      I played with the automatic transmission, the results may be different from the manual

  7. Gene says:

    Please forgive my ignorance. The phrase is hardly tacit so please allow me to explain…

    Sausage Surprise: a popular and much-loved dish comprising sausages (in a somewhat unconventional arrangement), mashed potatoes and tomatoes, geographically restricted to regions of The United Kingdom of Chlamydia; a small European island characterised by inbreeding, widespread STDs, bigotry and idiocy, perhaps most famous for peddling materialism as though it were a plausible notion.

    Your fantastic mod is a veritable Sausage Surprise, analogically speaking, but without the negative connotations associated with it’s place of origin.

    Disclaimer: on account of poor comprehension and a chronic penchant for buggery, it is highly unlikely that natives of The United Kingdom of Chlamydia will be offended by the above.

    • Mazzacane says:

      I’m your teamate in minardi last 2000

      • Gene says:

        You were a terrible racing driver, so perhaps best not to advertise the fact.

  8. Rom says:

    Where are you download this Mercedes Benz

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