Mercedes Benz Actros Accident

Mercedes-Benz-Actros-Accident-1 Mercedes-Benz-Actros-Accident-2

Tested with 1.3.1 version

Author: BLadé1974


8 Responses to Mercedes Benz Actros Accident

  1. Mackan says:

    can you make it for scania or volvo?

  2. Benny Bugge says:


  3. Hobbytrucker says:

    bad and stupid work … only some parts deleted and it was an accident, learn how to mod a truck. no deforming parts an you could look through the truck and see the road !!!!!

  4. james says:

    useless !! when do you use it- first have an accident,then go to the dealer and get the wrecked truck to drive. I know the cops dont get you for driving illegally but comeon now lets use the band storage for meaningful mods!!

  5. diverbaer says:

    na was ist das denn für schwachsinn… total unlogisch… das ist kein modden… kein verformen… <<< das muss eine neue art von wie versaue ich spiele damit keiner mehr lust hat… !!! darstellen…

    • diverbaer says:

      well, what is this for bullshit … totally illogical … this is not modding … not deform … The <<< must be a new kind of play with it as I screw has no more pleasurable … ! represent …

  6. austin says:

    probably wasting money D:

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