Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1


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– Own sounds
– Lightmask
– Animated wipers
– A variant of the lattice and the bumper (plastic, paint)
– All its engines (nameplates attached to the motor)
– Tuning: Navigator, spoiler, skirts, the ability to install additional lights and horns without laytbara, curtains, towels, rooms for every taste, the bed.
– Full support for Cabin Accessories DLC
Tested on 1.21.x game version

by_Lexa, SCS, Pedro Vendeira


13 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1

  1. RagnarModding

    Looks like solaris36 work with small edit

    1. It’s a reupload of the original mod (MP1 v2.5) not the Solaris edit.

  2. Пропишите в заказы агенств!

  3. Reupload or something new?

  4. Nothing new i guess… Don’t download it.

  5. Absolutley great mod! 10 from 10! I already use it with big pleasure. Thank you!

  6. This truck is absolute fantastic,by far the best mod for ETS2,pity no update for him!

  7. the mod does not work is the same which are not on the videos is

  8. 이경준


  9. hi,very good mod,truck work perfectly and very complet and fonctionnal dashboard,lovely tuning possible,congrate for your work.

  10. little info , work in

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