Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1


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– Own sounds
– Lightmask
– Animated wipers
– A variant of the lattice and the bumper (plastic, paint)
– All its engines (nameplates attached to the motor)
– Tuning: Navigator, spoiler, skirts, the ability to install additional lights and horns without laytbara, curtains, towels, rooms for every taste, the bed.
– Full support for Cabin Accessories DLC
Tested on 1.21.x game version

by_Lexa, SCS, Pedro Vendeira


13 Responses to Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1

  1. RagnarModding says:

    Looks like solaris36 work with small edit

    • GeoSyll says:

      It’s a reupload of the original mod (MP1 v2.5) not the Solaris edit.

  2. Nikolay says:

    Пропишите в заказы агенств!

  3. dar4eto says:

    Reupload or something new?

  4. GadreeL says:

    Nothing new i guess… Don’t download it.

  5. Trucker says:

    Absolutley great mod! 10 from 10! I already use it with big pleasure. Thank you!

  6. Gabriel says:

    This truck is absolute fantastic,by far the best mod for ETS2,pity no update for him!

  7. Bv.Gaming says:

    A good truck! Good Job!

  8. Sheriff says:

    the mod does not work is the same which are not on the videos is

  9. 이경준 says:


  10. jp33500 says:

    hi,very good mod,truck work perfectly and very complet and fonctionnal dashboard,lovely tuning possible,congrate for your work.

  11. jp33500 says:

    little info , work in

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