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  1. hex says:

    It would help to know if this is a new version, or the same as one of the other 2 versions already here.
    I know typing more than the name of the truck is very difficult and time consuming and we the unwashed masses probably shouldn’t have such unreasonable expectations, but……


  2. 2x2 says:

    when trying to get a job on this truck game has crashes. Again 🙁

  3. Alfan says:

    with interoir or not ?

  4. Mod-Loller says:


    I can NOT find any difference to “Mercedes_Benz_Actros_MPIV_by_danz_ALFA.scs”,
    It is exact the same truck-model in there.
    Filesize of .scs is also exact the same as the ALFA-Version

    except of the MISSING readme.txt here and NO CREDITS to Danz anywhere.

    it is a FlareMod in there, nobody knows why…

    @2×2 there are no crashes when get a job, try to remove other mods: moretrafficMods, CargoMods or other Mods that have fun overfill the Index.
    Try to tell what error your game.log shows, next time.

  5. Freddy Jimmink says:

    You can not buy this Mercedes MP-4, You can only buy it in Stuttgart and it replace 1 type, read more at the old version on this site,


    Freddy Jimmink

  6. Martijn says:

    Another MP4??? I don’t know which one to download anymore, holy crap! 🙁

  7. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Download all versions, and than choose wich you wanna keep?

  8. jennyz says:

    But why everyone continue to post always same MP4 mod??

  9. 2x2 says:

    You’ll laugh but I before installing MP4 deleted all the other modes in the trailers. Still, as soon as choose a truck, game crashes. When choosing a job there’re trucks MP4. By the way after removing MP4, game crashed when choosing a job in trucks DAF. I had to delete a profile 🙁

    • Mod-Loller says:

      don’t need to delete profile, you have to choose jobs in the cargomarket, not with fastjobs.

      But I found errors in file def\vehicle\truck_company\mercedes_actros12_4x2_a.sii

      unpack mod, open the file,
      and change all filenames shape2.sii, shape3.sii, shape5.sii to shape1.sii
      repack it all together,
      then you can use fastjobs.

  10. 756ER234 says:

    could someone do the focking interior, this games has another 2 or 3 mp4 mods but no one of then comes with the interior, so, what´s the the poit of get this piece of germany ####? oh i have an actros mp4 but whith an mp3 interior… this is no cool it´s stupid

  11. hex says:

    “Germany ####”? If you’ve got something against Germany (why else would you use that phrase?), or Mercedes, why did you download this anyway?
    If you’d just like the interior to be done, fine, just say so. Keep your national slurs to yourself.

    • 756ER234 says:

      nothing against germany and mercedes, but i´ve got one thing about this mod the interior, and that day i was a little stressed, cuz this makes my game crash.

  12. yutmoora says:

    이거 기름통이 이상함

  13. Capt.Grey says:

    Does anyone here know how or where to contact Danz?

  14. cagur768 says:

    With original interior ??

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