Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 Cymru Wales Skin

Cymru-Wales-1 Cymru-Wales-2

Tested on 1.21.x

Skin is designed for Actros MP4 Gigaspace cabin + painted side skirts!
Suitable for 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4 variants.

Special Shoutout to MisterOlla for leaving his mod ‘DAF XF E6 Leasing Pack’ open which allowed me to figure out the manifest and and to Simon Melkert and NPortegies for providing the reworked MP4 templates to the community!

Have fun and keep on trucking,

Author: FarmerBeavis


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2 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 Cymru Wales Skin

  1. good work nice one thanks for the welsh skin I’m looking for a welsh skin for the scania truck to

  2. You absolute legend Cymru am byth!

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