Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 New Sound FINAL


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Repair of all versions and beta :

Thank you for :
1. God thanks for everything
2. Kriecbhaum you are my inspiration
3. RTH-Mod Mark Srihardi, thanks for a wonderful truck
4. SAC-Mod Agus Cahyono, thanks to accessories
5. Sib3rius thanks to turbo sound
6. ComandoreOne thanks to turbo sound
7. TM_Locko my little cheating your def file

Author: Gustav Rhan


14 Responses to Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 New Sound FINAL

  1. SeriousSam says:

    nice sound, but in the video you’re running on full throttle only and speed up faster than 100 with automatic gearbox, hence the sound at higher rpm would get me nervous the longer it takes- Unrealitic video – sound itself OK

  2. Shane says:

    Great sound, thank you.
    Please tell us where we can find that skin???

  3. Evox says:

    the sound as fan locked to the engine is not good, but sound nice inside… and please drive safer !

  4. Gustav Rhan says:

    if you feel unsatisfied, try changing the volume in def, adjust to your taste, because here’s what I know about actros

  5. Christer Lind says:

    My Antivirus/Spam program goes on high alert on that download link

  6. GustavRhan says:

    next update on july

  7. toni says:

    could you make this to work on those wtd slt arocs and actros? I tried to do it myself, but all i got was lost of all sounds…

  8. toni says:

    copied the folder and renamed it to match the slt and then changed engines and finally named sii files to match the slt files

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