Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 Real Engines


This mod add more engines to the Actros MP4 including
– OM 936 LA 7.7L
– OM 470 LA 10.7L
– OM 471 LA 12.8L
– OM 471 LA 15.6L



13 Responses to Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 Real Engines

  1. falken says:

    Video ?

  2. DrunkDriver says:

    Huge pack of Mercedes engines.It starts with 1824,ends with 1863.Very well done.All truck brands in the game should have a large variety of engines like this.

  3. Angelo says:

    I like this mod a lot, thank you đŸ™‚

    BTW a MB MP4 (not only a mod from fellow gamers) in game from SCS it will be cool, too many scanias and volvos is boring (nothing aganinst scanias and volvos, I love those trucks)

  4. ebr says:

    OM473 Euro6 is missing with 625 HP and ~3000 Nm in torque..

  5. Oleg says:

    Guys, help me find a real engine sound MB Antos

  6. john avgos says:

    What is the best mod for mp4,because none of them I’ve tried has U.k interior and the game crash…

  7. Spearhead 512 says:

    Is this mod compatible with all Actros MP4 mods or does it need to have a special mod?

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