Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 Real Engines


This mod add more engines to the Actros MP4 including
– OM 936 LA 7.7L
– OM 470 LA 10.7L
– OM 471 LA 12.8L
– OM 471 LA 15.6L



13 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 Real Engines

  1. Video ?

  2. DrunkDriver

    Huge pack of Mercedes engines.It starts with 1824,ends with 1863.Very well done.All truck brands in the game should have a large variety of engines like this.

  3. I like this mod a lot, thank you 🙂

    BTW a MB MP4 (not only a mod from fellow gamers) in game from SCS it will be cool, too many scanias and volvos is boring (nothing aganinst scanias and volvos, I love those trucks)

  4. OM473 Euro6 is missing with 625 HP and ~3000 Nm in torque..

    1. Skeety2014

      Its already in here

  5. Guys, help me find a real engine sound MB Antos

    1. SLackerLX

      Quote: \Oleg wrote\: ‘Guys, help me find a real engine sound MB Antos’
      I have found some good files, not sure where. They all had some bad click at the end so you could hear a nasty connection click when played on loop.
      I’ve edited them with audacity, effectively removing the nasty clicking.
      Uploaded to Dropbox: MPIV-V8 Engine Sound.7z

      1. links do not work ((

        1. SLackerlX

          Apologies, Oleg. I uploaded file but nobody tried to download it do I removed it.
          I have uploaded it again:

        2. SLackerlX

          This one is an alternative..I actually prefer it because it has slightly lower exhaust

  6. john avgos

    What is the best mod for mp4,because none of them I’ve tried has U.k interior and the game crash…

  7. Spearhead 512

    Is this mod compatible with all Actros MP4 mods or does it need to have a special mod?

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