Mercedes-Benz Actros MPI MegaSpace


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Mercedes-Benz Actros MPI MegaSpace

+ TomTom GPS MOD By Matthias Gun’s 1067

Tested Version: 1.16.2

Truck Dealer In DAF

Author: Ваня Ситченко
Reworked: ErdemOzturk


14 Responses to Mercedes-Benz Actros MPI MegaSpace

  1. KefirTV says:

    Don’t work on 1.16.2s

  2. Alex40 says:

    Mercedes-Benz Actros MPI MegaSpace HD Video

  3. SljivaFH says:

    Nice mod.but why in daf dealer?

  4. ahmet özkul says:

    bunun orta kabinini de yapabilirmisin? kardeş

  5. ursturbo says:

    Thank you!

  6. optimus says:

    first truck is great.
    Secondly stupid is what is at the dealership DAF
    as a third should be improved interior that is not always the combination of wood
    as a fourth rear axle and fender should be regulated (as it lacks a third diameter)

  7. Frederik says:

    when i have downloadet it what do i so do?

  8. Belarus says:

    Where is navigator? How I can install it?

  9. MAKO76 says:

    No JPS! Do Not work the caretakers with outside of salon!!!So-so!!!

  10. DAVID says:

    the file deleted from this link
    plz reupload

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