Mercedes Benz Actros V8 Open Loud Pipe Final


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This is an update and improvement of the previous version, this just my description and I think that’s it, then please refer to the reviews …, whether the sound is Scania?

I add a little spice there …: D

As always credit to the author in previous versions

Thank you …

Gustav Rhan


15 Responses to Mercedes Benz Actros V8 Open Loud Pipe Final

  1. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Thanks for the time & effort. I will be trying this out.

  2. GCNK says:

    hmmm..udah versi final nih…
    *selamat gan,truk MB actros mau keluar yg baru..

    • Gustav Rhan says:

      Betul gan, akhirnya ga make MB karoseri lag wkwkwkwk…
      interior nyata bikin ngiler….

  3. aleksey says:

    Не че так звук.Только вот некоторые играют через наушники и для наушников этот звук слишком громкий.

  4. Ghass72 says:

    SCS software will release soon the MP actros truck and they working on it for the final details after mercedes benz gave them the license,also DAF euro 6 too will be released.

  5. Gustav Rhan says:

    I am very happy of course, after waiting long enough for SCS.Software they finally got an official license from mercedes, and of course waiting for mercedes actros mp4 official of SCS …..

  6. petronny says:

    ok. it is not means!

  7. SlenderHUN says:

    Great mod!
    Which mod do you use for the ai trucks sound?

    • Gustav Rhan says:

      ai for a sound truck, I took from the original sound truck scs, only a small piece of 1000 – 1500rpm I put the sound folder ai and replaces all … of course with the same name …

  8. georg Huber says:

    Can man be the sound adapted to 1:18 super

  9. dajoya says:


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