Mercedes Benz Aero Trailer Concept fix 1.24

Mercedes-Benz-Aero-Trailer-1 Mercedes-Benz-Aero-Trailer-2 Mercedes-Benz-Aero-Trailer-3

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Fix 1.24

Mercedes Benz Aero Trailer concept made from scratch and replacing the Aerodynamic trailer in the game.
Tested on the 1.24 (works on previous ones)

Author: Manu3D (manu999)


4 Responses to Mercedes Benz Aero Trailer Concept fix 1.24

  1. AlexandruM says:

    link for truck????

  2. losevo58 says:

    00:24:59.831 : [dx9] Index stream cannot be empty.
    00:24:59.831 : [dx9] [render_item] 0 vtx/ 0 idx, mat /vehicle/trailer_eu/aero_dynamic/materials/zzlamp.mat – [fx /effect/eut2/lamp/eut2.lamp.add.env.rfx, bias 0] (tx /vehicle/trailer_eu/aero_dynamic/textures/aero_dynamic_001.002.tobj – /vehicle/trailer_eu/aero_dynamic/textures/lamp_mask.001.tobj

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