Mercedes-Benz Antos ’12


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Mercedes-Benz Antos ’12
Version Beta | Версия: Бета

authors / авторы

– 3D model / 3Д модель: DANZ [D3S DESIGN]
– base 3D model / базовая 3Д модель: SCS Software [Euro Truck Simulator 2]
– animation / анимация: VITALIK_PRO100 [], SHAMAN [], DANZ [D3S DESIGN]
– mapping & convert to ETS2 / маппинг и конвертация в ETS2: DANZ [D3S DESIGN]
– engines and transmissions / двигатели и трансмиссии: DANZ [D3S DESIGN]

description / описание

– full support of game engine features / полная поддержка всех возможностей движка игры
– quality midPoly 3D model / качественная среднеполигональная 3Д модель
– HQ texture and shadow map / высококачественные текстуры и карта теней
– includes all default paintjobs SCS / поддерживаются все дефолтные покраски SCS
– tested on game version / тестировалось на версии игры

changelog / изменения —

– fixed interior / исправлен интерьер
– added two variant of interior / добавлено два варианта интерьера
– added variants of painted bumper / добавлены варианты окрашиваемых частей бампера
– added new wheels / добавлены новые колесные диски
– added new beacons / добавлены новые проблесковые маяки
– added roof bars / добавлены дуги на крышу
– added front bars / добавлены “кенгурятники”
– added bottom bars / добавлены дуги под бампер
– added side bars / добавлены дуги под боковые юбки
– added variants of horns / добавлены варианты “дудок” на крышу —

– optimization for version 1.19 / оптимизация под версию 1.19 —

– fixed shadow for all chassis / исправлена тень для всех шасси
– fixed dashboard / изменен бортовик
– fixed GPS / исправлен GPS
– fixed speedometer / исправлены показания спидометра
– fixed chassis 6×2 DNA / исправлено шасси 6×2 DNA
– fixed materials / исправлены материалы
– fixed shadow for sunshield / исправлены тени у солнечных козырьков
– fixed shadow for spoilers / исправлены тени у спойлеров
– added to the original preview for accessories / добавлены оригинальные превью на аксессуары
– added plate driver and passenger / добавлены таблички водителя и пассажира
– added lightbars / добавлены проблесковые маяки
– added chassis 6×4 / добавлено шасси 6х4
– added new sunshield / добавлены новые солнечные козырьки
– added new side skirts (chassis 4×2) / добавлены новые боковые юбки (шасси 4х2)

notes from the author / от автора

Огромное спасибо VITALIK_PRO100, SHAMAN и Knox_xss за тест и советы!
Спасибо Daimler AG.

Great thanks to VITALIK_PRO100, SHAMAN & Knox_xss for test and advise!
Thanks to Daimler AG.


12 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Antos ’12

  1. respect, no errors, works fine. This mod is the best truck mod because I ‘ve seen so far..Thanks for the great work

    best regards

  2. Super Truck, super-performance, super job done.
    Just missing the skirt for 6×4 version. More to be done
    to the truck is the most complete of all modes up to now.

  3. Ear X-Tacy

    Hard working comes with a great mod. Respect and Thnks 🙂

  4. MikkelSmikkel

    REALLY NICE MOD, but is there a way to add this truck into ets2studio so I can make custom skins?

  5. I don’t know what are you guys talking about. This truck looks good indeed, but there is no brakes! Antos hardly brake, and trailers even if they are activated in mod manager don’t show in job market.

    1. I agree. Hardly any brakes and none of the trailers show. If not for the 1000hp extra mod download, it can barely pull at speed.

  6. I don’t know about the best mod ever but it’s not bad for a benz.

  7. anonymous

    please make UK version (right steer) …

  8. Ok, trailer show in job market from time to time.. in small amount of times but it shows..maybe author should do something about that.. also..that brakes just killing me..nice truck to drive but when I need to stop, everybody just runaway from me or i’ll just go over you!!! 2Author: do something with brakes and if there is a possibility, do something with trailers in job market.. Now i’m driving this truck in game, Antos is on his trip across Europe and i’m very satisfied with truck..don’t have anything to complain about small cabin, but brakes…oh my god..

  9. great mod , it should be nice if you make a daf cf euro 6 mod

  10. hi,can you make a right hand side interior on it?

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