Mercedes-Benz Antos ’12 for ETS2 v1.25


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Mercedes-Benz Antos ’12
authors / авторы

– 3D model / DANZ [D3S DESIGN]
– base 3D model / SCS Software [Euro Truck Simulator 2]
– animation / VITALIK_PRO100 [], SHAMAN [], DANZ [D3S DESIGN]
– mapping & convert to ETS2 / ETS2: DANZ [D3S DESIGN]
– engines and transmissions / DANZ [D3S DESIGN]
– adapted to v1.25 from bobr40

– full support of game engine features
– quality midPoly 3D model
– HQ texture and shadow map
– includes all default paintjobs SCS
– tested on game version 1.25


DOWNLOAD 126 MB patched

21 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Antos ’12 for ETS2 v1.25

  1. Is also the trailer in the mod?

  2. H.Trucker

    It´s a fake, not download

    1. Ion_Cashit

      Why this?Its working since Houres!
      Danz is a guarantee for qualitative mods, I had also the previous models and was more than satisfied!

  3. H.Trucker

    It´s the D3S_Mercedes_Antos__12_v1.2.0.123 model, see the screenshot:

    1. CaptIISilveR

      Yes. We know that. And it is adapted for 1.25 by some good guy. So what?..

  4. What do you mean fake? It’s not fake!
    This is actually one of the best truck mods out there.
    It’s very complete, hq textures, everything works, always updated by the author(s); in fact, this is so good, it could be a default truck by SCS in the Mercedes-Benz line-up.
    I wish every truck mod could be like the Antos.

  5. Leif Knudsen

    It’s a ####### good mod, and among the best. 🙂

  6. Is this the d3s one?

  7. H.Trucker you are correct ( it’s v1.2.0.123 ) . But it’s not fake. It has just been updated for version 1.25x by Danz. Because that’s what he does, so we don’t have any red warnings when playing.

    1. H.Trucker

      Maestro this mod is not made by DANZ, I know because DANZ has not posted on the web

      1. CaptIISilveR

        I gave you link to forum thread. Could you please read it before posting your (forgive me) ###### comments about fakes?

  8. Awesome truck with awesome customized interior


  9. Where do I find this truck? I tried Mercedes dealer and can’t find it?

    1. I cannot find this truck in Mercedes Dealers ?

      Where do I find it ??

  10. I+wish+there+would+be+a+good+sound+mod+for+this+truck….

  11. indeed amazing truck, especially the interior is gorgeous congrats to the author and to the uploader. forget the silly comments, this is not a fake mod, is one of the best!

  12. how to have the skin on his truck and trailer

  13. trailers rarely appear, you should do something about it

  14. how you make the waberer´s truck?

  15. AlexandruM

    Hello Danz , can u make again Mercedes Actros 2014 for vs 1.26 ? Please.

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