Mercedes Benz Antos 12 Update for v1.19


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Euro Truck Simulator 2. v1.19 steam.

Mercedes Benz Antos 12 Update.

Truck Mercedes-Benz Antos 12″ for the game Euro Truck simulator 2 this is a good truck tuned enclosure and other options for tuning.
Augmented tuning parts, material truck and made improvements to the truck.
Mod adapted for version 1.19 (steam beta)

The mod works perfectly on version 1.18

The developer of the mod:
Game : SCS Software.



14 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Antos 12 Update for v1.19

  1. Maximka.L

    Good mod, thanks.

  2. v1.19? mod made in may? where is the modifications maden in july?

    It is just a republishing

  3. AlexCrazy

    it’s old version for 1.17

    1. Grundor95

      AlexCrazy = Edit this version for v1.19 Steam beta.
      Read and see!

      Mod good job v1.19

    2. out of ######, please

  4. jup, and need remove and user please no download mod, same old mod

    1. Mr.GermanTruck


  5. Can someone help me? I cannot add roof spoiler and change front bumper and some other things. I don’t have a option for it. Which mod can do that? I disablet all Mercedes Benz mods, but it didn’t help.

    1. You must copy at least 3 scs-files in mod-folder!

      Important: >>>zzz Truck Config Scene ###.scs <<<

  6. michael-brane

    Yes,archive original files. But the work has been done to redress and seen it work on a new reworked version of the game for modding 1.19

    There are some children write and do not understand that the work for version 1.19 and bug fixes.

    Thank you for mod, This great work dude.

  7. works on 1.19, BUT.. the brakes.. ### is wrong with the brakes? adjust them hard as it can go and still not stopping

  8. MasioZiom

    Nice mod! But, this truck not have brakes!

  9. how can i reskin this nice mod/truck because i cant find the right template or the right files in the mod

  10. Mathieu Burns

    Please help, the truck is not showing in the Mercedes Benz dealer ships and keep in mind that my game runs on version 1.18.

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