Mercedes Benz Atego with Interior

Mercedes-Benz-Atego-with-Interior-1 Mercedes-Benz-Atego-with-Interior-2

Very nice mod. Replace Mercedes Benz Trucks. With this mod, you can tuning outside and inside

Authors: Darjus, DamianPL, Ural, Nick


11 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Atego with Interior

  1. Trailers?

  2. video please…

  3. Simon Melkert

    no mirrors

    1. You don’t say… Look at the second picture.

  4. doesnt work on 1.24

  5. Simon Melkert

    Deze klotemod werkt gvd niet, zit je meer dan een uur te wachten, en dan loopt je spel naar de tyfus

  6. mercure007

    game crash at truckdealer (i can’t see truck) But i found a trailer in game.
    (tested on v1.9.24s).

  7. Too bad that people say it crashes, so I won’t download, though I was eager to do so. It looks pretty nice. I hope problems will be solved.

  8. FlyingFrenchman

    Make the game crash.

  9. Video please.

  10. Fr3[Ghost]2K14

    V 2.0 please

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