Mercedes Benz Atego


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– Available at the dealership Mercedes Benz
– 6 types of chassis
– 9 types of engines
– 2 types of transmissions
– 2 type of interior
– Tested in version 1.24.x


This truck has a suspension height control system, through the “Lift / Drop Axle” option, which is usually configured for use through the “U” key, you can be raising and lowering the suspension of the truck.

Helisson Castinho and Gabriel Borges

DOWNLOAD 56 MB [Mirror]

5 Responses to Mercedes Benz Atego

  1. RobertDee says:

    looks terrible

  2. TheCore says:

    The worst mod I have ever seen.

  3. janusz biznesu says:


  4. Saito says:

    I didn’t get why people are complaining about its looking, visually the mod looks nice and its model is really close to what the real model looks like… But in tecnical aspects, it’s not the best mod, it isn’t standalone and changing trucks in the MB dealer make the game crash, it just looks like an alpha version of the mod or something like this, but aesthetically it really looks good.

  5. KUTAZ12 says:


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