Mercedes Benz Atron


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It is standlone truck with 2 chassis, 1 cabin, rims and tires, 100 accessories and more.



8 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Atron

  1. Manny2Play

    Looks fantastic. Ill give a try. Works with the last 1.22 update?

  2. Manny2Play

    Looks amazing. Ill give a try… works with 1.22 last update?

  3. @Gustavo Wallece: I love this truck, a fine one on road.
    But two things in my oppinion please change. The suspension a tooooooo soft and the seat (view) position is too low related to the height of the truck (it seems to be the down view for the driver usual in Brazilian trucks?).
    Greets and Thanks

  4. DrunkDriver

    So many details, but still default Mercedes sound.
    The only thing I dont like about this truck is the engine sound.

  5. Tullyo Gratieri

    a shame this mod have been hacked because it belongs to modshop

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