Mercedes Benz Axor Adapted V1.24

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Adapted 1.24.

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Authors: Danz, Halil21, Halil_94, leti7kedil, Samet Arıkan


5 Responses to Mercedes Benz Axor Adapted V1.24

  1. Terra says:

    I really don’t understand why the turkish guys has such a gipsy tastes for colour red, and generally, for this kind of tuning. It’s a coarsely kitsch.
    I wonder how they believe, that I can drive half an hour without my eyes hurting?

    Seriously now guys, did you saw how looks a cars tunning, generaly I ask, not only trucks in special, in this world?
    Did you? did you saw how they are tuned, what colours are used, how are used, in which proportions, what are in the cab, how…?.

    No offence, maybe the truck is ok, but I can’t drive it with that environment inside.

    Initially when I saw something simillar, with months ago, I thought it was an accident, but it seems to be a vision Turkish, a general one, because I saw too many turkish tunned trucks, with such horrible results

    Try to change this vision of what it means tuning and good taste, because you’ve remaining pretty much behind the present time, in this respect, and it’s somehow a shame situation.

    • Ahmet Özkul says:

      Hello Terra
      I should to say it, They aren’t turkish style. They are trollers. We are sorry about this shity mods. You are right. We can’t drive too. I want somethink from you and other players; Plase don’t feed and download this #### mods. If you dont feed and dont download, this shithead modders will gives up to upload mods to this international mod page.

      • Terra says:

        Hi @Ahmet Özku, I really sorry and have my apologies if this isn’t a specify turkish vision, about tuning, but just isolated cases, or trolls.
        And be sure, I’ll never downloading this kind of trash.

        Again sorry, in fact I don’t intend to offend the turkish people, far away from me, I only have something against these kind of “tuning”, that’s all.

        And it’s a shame if someone really tries to associate these kitsch with the Turkish nation.

        • EgoMaster says:

          Truckers in Turkey have their own culture but this is not it. This seems more like a nationalist’s guess on how truckers mod their trucks in Turkey. The obsession with color red comes from the Turkish flag. Besides, it’s illegal to drive with a giant flag covering half of windshield. According to Turkish laws (which are compatible with EU norms) you cannot put any accessories that impair your ability to see the road or the mirrors.

      • emre says:

        helal Ahmet güzel kurtarmışın bizi 🙂

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